My work is like a perfect pop song: Direct, catchy & easy to remember.

So. I'm Jens (he/him). A Swedish, Stockholm-based Creative/Art Director and Designer specializing in contemporary visual identities and eye-catching packaging design. I help brands (and other design agencies) across the globe with forward-thinking – yet approachable – identity systems and design solutions that stick in people's minds.

In my role as a visual designer, I am fearless, ambitious, and patient. Above all, I am extremely passionate about hands-on craftsmanship and what I do. Basically, I want it to be perfect. This means I always go the extra mile to find that special thing in everything I do (and yes, I will do it for you)*. If you let me.

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In 1991, Bryan Adams topped America's Billboard list with his number 1 power ballad for 7 consecutive weeks. That's approximately 15% of the time it took for me to finish this homepage and portfolio.


My skill set is in creative concepts and visual design for brands and products, big and small. For the digital world and the real world. I start with a strategic point of view, then hands-on craft (to an obsessive degree), through to implementation and activation*.

I work across industries, including Food and Beverage, Restaurants, Healthcare, Music, Entertainment, Retail, Fashion, Technology, Finance, Hospitality, Startups and more.


    → Brand Positioning

    → Brand Architecture

    → Brand/Product naming


    → Visual Identity Design

    → Design Systems

    → Logotypes/Brand symbols

    → Iconography/Patterns

    → Custom Typeface design

    → Brand Guidelines


    → Image Concepts

    → Creative Direction on set

    → Still Life Production

    → Retouch


    → Packaging Design

    → Print Production

    → Stationary/Collaterals

    → Books/Editorial

    → Merch/Swag

    → Print Oversight


    → Signage Design

    → Wayfinding

    → Exhibition/Event Design


    → Social Media Productions

    → Digital Experience

    → Mobile/Website Design

    → Office Playlists

Few projects are too big or complex. I have a wide network of animators, illustrators, 3D experts and such, that I work with on bigger full-service assignments.


Online features

Printed publications

  • 1Creative Review
  • 2Wallpaper* Magazine
  • 3IdN Magazine
  • 4Big Type
  • 5TACTILE High Touch Visuals
  • 6Palette Mini Series 03
  • 7Playful Type
  • 8Los Logos 5
  • 9Logology Victionary
  • 10Exellent packaging
  • 11Cap & Design Magazine
  • 12Handmaking in design, and many many more.

Need a press pack and high-res images for my projects? Whether it's for your magazine, Instagram post, or an online article, you'll find everything here.


1Quality over quantity2Patience is power3Don't be so sure about things4Hold the line5Go to sleep6Stop making sense7Throw a party8Have a heart <3


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