KAIBOSH. Re-Branding, custom made typography and store concept for a Norwegian eyewear brand.

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Kaibosh felt that they had become too boring as opposed to what they should be, a trendy and bold eyewear brand. They felt their identity was too clean and they wanted to be more expressive and outgoing. The assignment was to start out with keeping their existing logotype and from that develop their new identity. The brand and tonality was translated into visual form and matched with a custom-made display typeface, named Sentrum, made to suit the in-store signage and bold fun expressions. The eyelash was used as a symbol to distinguish the identity as well as use as graphic elements for many different scenarios. The entire flagship store was designed together with shelving systems, signage, colors, murals, etc. The whole project ranged from typeface and still life photos to campaigns, fashion-photography, notebooks and towels. The case has been written about by The Dieline, It's Nice That, Brand New, Creative Review and more.
Art direction & Design – Jens Nilsson
Case, Still life & Fashion photography – Jens Nilsson
Created while working at Snask