Danish Bang & Olufsen's Dreamy Soundscapes.

Me and Snask took on the challenge of rebranding luxury Hi-Fi brand Bang & Olufsen, aiming to inject warmth and emotion into their previously quite technical and impersonal image style.

Our visual concept, "Ray of Light," aimed to capture the ambiance of a late afternoon sunlight, mirroring the allure of a B&O product. We transformed sterile settings into inviting spaces, where customers could envision themselves at home amid imperfect details. Additionally, we created a set of elegant, playful still images to complement the interior shots. Within a year, Bang & Olufsen shifted from cold and technical to emotionally resonant, fostering a sense of presence and connection.

Agency: Snask
Image Concepts & Art Direction: Jens Nilsson
Producer: Always Frank
Photographer: Golden Retriever 
Retouch: Golden Retriever, Konrad Karlsson
Set design: Johan Brommé