Packaging design for a 18 cl shower beer beauty.

Indulge in the delightful Shower Beer — an adorable yet robust pale ale, perfectly sized at 18 cl for swift sips during your evening preparations. Encased in a dainty brown glass bottle, adorned with charming pink screen printing, it exudes an air of elegance reminiscent of a perfume bottle.

Crafted through a collaboration between Snask and PangPang Brewery, Shower Beer has garnered global acclaim, featured in Vice, Metro, NBC, Thrillist, Esquire, Lad Bible, and even name-dropped by Tom Hanks on the American radio show "Wait wait...don't tell me!".

Art direction & Design: Jens Nilsson
Case photography: Jens Nilsson
Brewed by: PangPang Brewery
Created and designed while working at Snask