WAUW. Re-branding and Packaging design for a Danish "No added sugar" Ice Cream in 6 different yummy flavours.

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Re-branding of a danish ice cream called "Wauw". In order to differentiate the packaging from competitors a black case was picked. A "tasty" and "kind" typography chosen to avoid to much of a luxury feel and style. The packaging has been released in 6 different flavours in Scandinavia and has been written about on The Dieline, Brand New, Packaging of the world and more.
Art Direction & Design — Jens Nilsson
Case photography — Jens Nilsson
Factory photography — Per Björklund and Philip Tolgén
Photography of the ice cream scoops — Wolfgang Kleinschmidt
Food styling of the ice cream scoops — Elisabeth Johansson
Produced while working at Snask