Logo & business cards for Odd Communications agency.

Compared to every other graphic designer, I never really had a problem with ”making the logo bigger”. And in this case I made it as big as possible: The logo is the business card itself, and the other way around.

This die-cut, double (!) embossed and letterpress printed business card was designed for the Swedish communications agency ODD Company. Printed on a 540 gsm Pale Grey Colorplan paper. Produced by the Stockholm based print studio Norrbacka Tryckeri.

Additionally, a layered mirror signage was crafted to enhance the overall presentation.

Design & concept: Jens Nilsson
Still photography: Jens Nilsson
Film photography: Golden Retriever
Print production: Norrbacka Tryckeri
Sound design: Darwood Music
Typeface: Menœ Grotesque by Hungarumlaut